1: Easy stroke by silver glitter on black or blue Nail paint, give super and fantastic look. follow easy 6 step by step point.









2:  Party nail art ideas with your matching black dress, Beautiful Triangle on start of nails, use some glitter are plain deep triangle.



3: Super Easy nail art: Plain dots on your nails with some contrast color like white on red or black nails white dots, designed by bobby pins.




4: Heart on nail in easy idea : Gorgeous pattern design for your love, no skill needed.



5: Polka dot nail art design: Gorgeous look, fantastic pattern only with dots, Nails will look fabulous with this beautiful design.



6:Easy Pattern with grey and white color. Simply nice look.



7: Simple easy nail art design step by step with pictures: No skills needed.



8:Purple nail art design: Superb ideas with beautiful pattern.


9: Easy stroke on nails: black and silver stroke on white nail paint.


10: Super fastest and easy pattern for beginners, no skill needed only bobby pin dots.nail-art-ideas


Enjoy most easy and gorgeous pattern no skill needed only with some dots and stroke. let start to paint your nails.