Ofcourse! Christmas is all about celebration and what’s celebration without a cake right! How about a touch of creativity this time? Inside cakes are the most in trend cakes these days. You can always surprise your guest, make them curious and even ask, “what’s inside the cake” ? It’s really simple to make if you know the right recipes.

So let us present you 20 of the most gorgeous inside cake ideas which are very popular among the crowd.  Use it well!


1. Santa’s Belt Surprise Inside Cake


Try it here 

A super creative cake made of  Red velvet cake and chocolate cake. Guests will be so delighted to see it!

2. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Heart Cake


Try it here

This adorable cake symbolizes love and it’s so easy to make!. This cake is made up of chocolate and strawberry mixes. Worth the outcome and treat for Strawberry lovers! That being said, this cake can be made at any occasion.

3. A Holiday Surprise Cake


Try it Here

Cake is all about presentation, so make it large! Look how gorgeous the cake is! A perfect treat for christmas. It just take an hour maximum for the preparation. Even if you are not an expert you can make this cake real fast.

4. Strawberry Surprise Cake


Try it here

Isn’t it exciting to show off your creative cake making skills! This cake is a real eye catcher. Can u believe it? This cake hides real strawberries inside! So Yummy!

5. Christmas Tree Ruffle Cake


Try it here

This cake is so beautifully designed! A Christmas Tree Red and Green Ornament Inside Cake…Wow! I so wanna try this cake this year!

6. Lumberjack Plaid Cake


Try it Here

This just gets better and better! Creativity at it’s best. Absolutely delicious and really simple to bake.

7. Carrot Patch Cake


Try it here

This is such a cute little bunny cake! You will find hidden carrots in each slice of the cake.

8. Chocolate Cake with Pumpkin Pie Surprise


Try it Here

A mouth watering combination of Chocolate cake filled with pumpkin pie. Utterly delicious!

9. Apple Surprise Cake


Try it here

A super easy recipe that will make your guest exclaim in surprise! It smells incredible good too!

10. Decadent Molten Lava Cakes


Try it Here

This cake is have not one but four surprise fillings! And when you thought it couldn’t get any better ! Don’t you wanna know what are those surprise fillings?

11. Puppy Chow surprise-inside cake


Try it here

Everything about this cake is so good! The chocolate, the sprinkles and of course the surprise waiting inside! A must try cake I must say!

12. Checkerboard Birthday Cake


Try it here

Any board game lovers out there? Now this cake would surely impress them! Making this cake is different and fun when compared to the others. Give it a try friends! You won’t be disappointed.

13. Leopard Cake


Try it here

This cake will give a the feel of the jungle star Leopard. The pattern is peculiar and interesting! This cake needs to be given special attention while making inorder to get that perfect design.

14. Hidden Polka Dots Surprise Inside Cake


Try it here

Do you think including polka dots in a cake is difficult? Actually it’s not! This cake will surely be a happy surprise for all. When you cut the cake, you will wonder if it’s real or magic!

15. Pistachio Melon Cake


Try it here

This cake is unique, not only because of the taste and design,but its really healthy as well since its made of various fruits! An awesome recipe indeed.

16. Surprise on the Inside Candy Cake


Try it here 

This is exclusively made for baby gender reveal party, but hey! this cake is for all occasion! The round cake is stuffed with cute candies. Imagine how excited everyone will be on cutting the cake!

17. Easy Rainbow Cake


Try it here

Nom Nom Nom! How surprising it can be for your guest when they see this magical rainbow inside a cake when you cut it this Christmas! Scrumptious to the core and visually stunning!

18. Chocolate & Vanilla Gold Sprinkles Cake


Try it here

Do you have left over gold sprinkles with you?Then use it well and start making this gorgeous cake this December! A truly elegant cake so easy to make! The reverse creaming style cake is very unique among the list.  And the shades of blue is so attractive to the eyes! This cake is one of my personal favorites.

19. Hidden Butterfly Cake


Try it here

So what’s the little surprise inside the cake? Its butterflies! And they do look really happy don’t they? What an awesome inside cake idea!

20. Surprise Inside Heart Cake


Try it here

Chocolate lovers! This cake is going to make you happy! The hidden heart looks even more appealing when you cut the cake.  A sweet combination of red cake and chocolate cake. Heaven!

So what do u think? What are your suggestions? Any more ideas? Please do let us know!

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