Ho Ho Ho! Can u hear the Santa Coming? Its Christmas time! Which means it’s story time for your kids. Your kids might have already started to pester you to buy some good Christmas story books. Are you searching for the perfect Christmas book to read to your child? We will help you !

Scroll down below to find the 20 most loved Christmas books to buy for your kid this season!


1. The Polar Express


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Author: Chris Van Allsburg

Story : The story is about a kid’s journey to the North Pole. He learns quite a number of lessons for his life while this extra ordinary journey through a dream like train!

Why will your kid love this book: This book is in one word magical! Unpredictable and it’s creative best, this book will hold your kid’s attention to the last page.

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas


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Author: Theodor “Dr. Seuss”

Story: This story talks about Grinch who unlike others, hates to celebrate Christmas and is grumpy and lives alone. But is Grinch as bad as he seems?

Why will your kid love this book :This book is so heart touching! The story teaches kids on accepting mistakes and not to be afraid on correcting them.

3. Carl’s Christmas


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Author: Alexandra Day

Story: This story is about an adventurous story of a faithful dog on Christmas Eve

Why will your kid love this book : Undoubtedly a must read! Your kid will fall in love with dogs and will find the story adorable! They will definitely ask you to read it again!


4. A Christmas Carol


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Author:Charles Dickens

Story: This story is about a mean old man who is a miser and doesn’t help poor people. On Christmas eve, a series of ghosts approach him and changes his life forever!

Why will your kid love this book : This story is really thrilling and kids will be excited to know what happens the next!

5. Dream Snow


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Author: Eric Carle

Story: This story is of a farmer who lives alone with some animals whom he names One, Two,Three, Four and Five!

Why will your kid love this book : A very sweet simple story and the designs are so beautiful!

6. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey


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Author: Jonathan Toomey

Story: This is the story of Woodcarver Jonathan “Gloomy” Toomey who due to life circumstances turns to be a gloomy person until he meets a widow and a son who changes his perspective towards life.

Why will your kid love this book : This story is so touching! It teaches the value of compassion and kindness. Your child this cherish this story forever!


7. The Nutcracker


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Author: Susan Jeffers

Story: An enchanting story of a girl named Marie and her beloved toy Nutcracker.

Why will your kid love this book : This book is a more than perfect gift for your kids this Christmas. This story is about how love wins ultimately and who wouldn’t love it?

8. Snowmen at Christmas


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Author: Caralyn Buehner

Story: What does snowmen do at Christmas to celebrate? Find out their story in this awesome book!

Why will your kid love this book : This book is a fantastic rhyming read aloud! The art and illustrations are so beautiful which will surely be loved by the kids.

9. The Snowman


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Author: Raymond Briggs

Story: This story is about a little kid who builds a  snow men who come alive in his dreams that night.

Why will your kid love this book : This is a wordless story done with beautiful illustrations. Such a sweet gentle story to read to your kid!

10. Angelina’s Christmas


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Author:Katharine Holabird

Story: A heartwarming story of Love and friendship. The story centres around Angelina Ballerina who see old Mr. Bell alone and decided to invite him over to celebrate Christmas.

Why will your kid love this book : This story will teach your kids the value of sharing. There is so much of happiness and goodness in this story!

11. The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree


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Author: Gloria Houston

Story: The story is about Ruthie and her mama who waits for her father to celebrate Christmas, who is now at war.

Why will your kid love this book : A must read christmas story which teach us the value of undying love and courage. A real touching tale!

12. Room for a Little One


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Author: Martin Waddell

Story: This cute story is about how the animals are welcomed dearly to see the birth of a little child.

Why will your kid love this book : Beautiful illustrations and a poetic narration makes this book so adorable!

13. The Night Before Christmas


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Author: Clement C. Moore

Story: The story of a family who is eagerly waiting for St. Nick and the eight reindeer who is travelling down to shower them with gifts!

Why will your kid love this book : This book will make your kid believe in Santa! Take out the imaginations to the best level and make your kid excited about Christmas like never before!

14. Olive, the Other Reindeer


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Author:J. Otto Seibold

Story: This is about a dog named Olive who thinks she is “the other reindeer” and travels to visit Santa

Why will your kid love this book : This is an all time favorite Christmas book. Very witty writing and shimmering illustrations!

15. Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus


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Author: Francis P. Church

Story: This is a letter written in response to a kid’s question send to a newspaper asking if Santa Claus actually exists.

Why will your kid love this book : Creativity at its best. This is the perfect answer you can give to your kid when he or she asks doubts about Santa!

16. The Wild Christmas Reindeer


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Author: Jan Brett

Story: The  story of a young kid who chosen by Santa to train the reindeer  who is supposed to help fly his sleigh Christmas Eve.

Why will your kid love this book : Marvelous illustration and such a cute story! A perfect picture book to gift to your kid this Christmas.

17. The Crippled Lamb


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Author: Max Lucado

Story: This story is about a poor crippled little lamb who is left out by the others.

Why will your kid love this book : This book teaches your kid that even if you are a bit different from the others you have a unique purpose in your life.

18. Morris’s Disappearing Bag


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Author: Rosemary Wells

Story: On Christmas day, Morris finds a disappearing bag! Read the book and find out what happens next!

Why will your kid love this book : This Book teaches the value of family, siblings and sharing. An adorable book to read to your kid with marvelous illustrations!


19. The Story of Holly & Ivy


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Author: Rumer Godden

Story: The story talks about the wishes of Ivy, Holly, and Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Will they full fill their wishes this Christmas?

Why will your kid love this book : An enchanting and hear touching tale. Kids would love the idea of the magic of wishing, and love!


20. The Legend of the Poinsettia


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Author: Tomie dePaola

Story: The story is a mexican legend about Little Lucida who helps her mother to weave a blanket for baby Jesus on Christmas eve and the struggles she faces while doing so.

Why will your kid love this book : This book surely will help you to introduce your kids to other interesting cultures and their traditions.