Hi friends, Christmas is fast approaching and our family and children are waiting for the fun and joy Christmas brings to our home. Kids are looking for vacation and holidays. But at this time we will be wondering how to decorate our home for Christmas, so that our home also will have a prominent place in our street. I am in Melbourne and here I can see people decorating houses in a competitive mood. Some time the whole street will look like a santa claus street.  So I thought, I will produce some simple Christmas decorations ideas that will will inspire you.

Polar bear Christmas Tree


I am sure that the above Christmas decoration will make your home, to stand up on the street. Kids will look and adults will envy you and blame himself for not having this idea before you.

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Christmas ball window decor


See the above Christmas ball window decor. Really simple and wonderful, after all those 157 k pinners repinned this image for nothing. So go for it. you can find the instructions at

Golden Wine Glass Center Piece


The above pic speaks itself

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Framed Christmas Wreath


Simple, Wonderful and super. I have to say that. because it is exactly simple, wonderful and super. I found this at  Courtney says “I am personally a big fan of fun wreaths.”. When we see this decoration, every body will agree with her.



Make your garden table something wonderful by adding the above Christmas WinTer SNOWMAN DOLL. I found this in .  I think it is pretty easy and simple to make. Enjoy

diy unique christmas tree



Hanging Christmas ornaments


source :

Outdoor wooden Christmas Tree




Birch Pine Cones and Book Pages Woodland


What about the above decorations by birch branches. Diane says “We had a few longer birch branches that hadn’t been used over Christmas, so I thought creating a birch branch winter woodland tablescape would be fun.”. yes it is true. this Christmas centerpiece is really wonderful. visit for more details.

Red and Simple Christmas Center Piece


Very simple and attractive Christmas Center Piece. All you need to make it this yourself is a red plate, 3 wine glasses , 3 christmas candles and some Christmas Ornaments. We can make some variants by adding a small Santa clause or snow man.


Wheat Centerpiece


See how some body had made a wonderful Christmas centerpiece by using a bunch of wheat bundle and a Christmas ribbon.

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Cute Christmas Centerpiece


The above Christmas Center Piece is really simple and cute. Anybody can make it.

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Christmas Candle


Look at the above Christmas Candle. So simple and cute. When you look at this decoration, we can feel as if it spread the christmas spirit to us.

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Bow Wreath


You can make this simple Christmas decoration yourself. Visit to get step by step instructions and guide.

Christmas Porch Ideas


Wonderful Christmas Porch. I have found it on Very Easy to create, looks simple and great

Decoración Navidad


I found this easy and simple decorations, ready made at You can visit their store to buy this for this Christmas

Bowl Christmas tree


very simple, yet cute Christmas tree. Visit Facebook Page for details

christmas hanging baskets for outdoors


Hey I am really inspired by the above decoration idea. very simple. Buy a hanging basket or make yourself one. Fill it with Christmas ornaments and hang it on the corners or on your porch. I am sure that this will spread Christmas spirit and holiday joy to your home and surrounding







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