Christmas is almost here friends! And its time for some awesome holiday projects right? Why don’t we start with Christmas STARS! After what’s Christmas without the legendary stars! There are lot of DIY star decoration ideas which you can try out for yourself. Various materials can be used to make stars like paper, wood, bells, you name it!

Lets check out some awesome Christmas star decoration ideas which will definitely help you to turn your house into magical house of lights!


1. Gold and Silver Stars


This combination of gold and silver stars are very elegant. It gives a real Christmas essence

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2. SilverStars Garland



This DIY stars are really simple to make and will look so pretty in your home! Stunning glittering row of stars!

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3. A STARS upon Thars Mantel (WOODEN Stars)


A perfect decoration above the fireplace! Cindy’s Wooden stars are the talk of the town! Are you ready to get inspired? You must try this star decoration this Christmas!

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4. Sheet Music Star


Are you a music lover?Well what better STAR decoration can you make better than a sheet music star! You can easily make this star with the help of music sheets.  Give it a try!

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5. Large Pinecone Star


Another gorgeous fire mantel STAR decoration! You can easily make this star using yardsticks.  This will give the decoration a vintage look.

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6. 3D Star



You can make this beautiful star with sheets of cardstock scrap book. Very cheap and so simple to make. And this will look really good if you hang it over your wall mirrors.

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7. German Paper Stars


This is one of the most trending star decorations at Pinterest. You can make this stars from multi colored papers. The more colors, the more prettier it will look!

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8. Stars Out of Twigs


Ain’t these stars super creative? It is made with twigs. Inexpensive yet elegant.

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9. Rustic Wood Star


An eye catching combination of rustic wood elements wrapped up with pretty lights. Wow!

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10. Patch Work RUSTIC Stars

patchwork-rustic-starsThis star is unique because it looks very natural and raw. Made out of rustic wood. You can use it as an ornament on your dining table as well.

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11. Gorgeous Hanging Stars


A rare and unique combination of stars with different patterns. U cannot stop looking at it!

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12. Window Stars


Stars hanging at your windows is the best! Anybody passing through your house will star at awe!

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13. Cute Stars


A wooden pole is used to arrange these  white cute little stars can be used for white Christmas theme.

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14. Paper Stars from Old Books


Now you don’t have to run around places to look materials to make stars! Just collect some old scrap books of yours and start making this pretty stars!

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15. Twig Star


Another twig star decoration which you can set inside your living room or dining room.

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16. Scandanavian Style



This star decoration is so lovely that we feel we don’t have to go in search of heaven. Its right here in this small room!

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17. Sparkling Star

sparkling-starThis is one other lovely idea for star decorations. You can set this in you main hall so that guests will catch the attention.

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18. Inside Home Stars


This STAR decoration is one of my personal favorite. Flaunt your interior home decor using this idea.

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19. Crochet Star Ornament

crochet-star-ornaments8Who doesn’t love the crochet pattern? Its so much fun and quick to make! You can hang them on Christmas trees, or it’s your choice how to use them well!


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20. Rustic Wood Wall Stars


This stars are by far the most incredibly elegant made star decoration. Antique, rustic, its all of them what makes your Christmas look at the top notch.

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Please let us know of your comments and suggestions. New ideas are always welcome!