It’s just a few days to Christmas! The excitement is brewing and everywhere we can see people getting ready to welcome dear Santa. Christmas is the celebration of lights and joy and there is nothing happier about December than celebrating Christmas. And Game of thrones is the new era! Who haven’t heard of it right? Everybody is a fan of the TV series. So why don’t we try a Game of Thrones themed Christmas party this time? We have collected an awesome round up of decoration ideas and recipes which you can try this Christmas. You will see how stunning your Christmas party will be this time. Your guest will truly be in awe. So let’s check this out friends!

1. Game of Thrones Christmas Wreath


This  Game of Thrones Christmas wreath perfectly symbolizes the iron throne and the various house banners. Now this is what we call, brutally creative, ain’t it?

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2. Sansa’s Lemon Cakes


Everybody is a fan of pretty lady Sansa. Game of Thrones witness the evolution of this princess into a day dreamer to a tough warrior. This dessert is one of her favorites and symbolizes her victory.

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3.  Mother of Dragon Eggs Christmas Ornament


Daenerys Stormborn, the mother of dragon is the most famous character of Game of Thrones. These Christmas ornaments are inspired from the popular dragon eggs. So gorgeous!

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4. Dragon Cake


This is my personal favorite. This cake stunningly portrays the wings of the famous dragons of Game of Thrones

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5. Party Decor-Weirwood Tree


Stunning Christmas decor which can be used to arrange your table.

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6. White Walker Cocktail


The White Walkers! My spines are already chilling even at the thought of them! But this cocktail is beautifully chilling which will make your Christmas way cooler than you thought to be. It’s so delicious!

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7. Winter is Coming Christmas Wreath


“Winter is Coming” is the most famous line of Game of Thrones ever since it has been released. This Christmas wreath is made inspired from this Dark theme of GOT. You can see the three eyed raven in this wreath.

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8. Honey Glazed Roasted Chicken


This dish would be the master piece of the Game of thrones themed Christmas dinner party. A real stark like dish made with herbes de Provence and served with root vegetables.

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9. Iron Lanterns for Outdoor Decorations


This vintage lanterns inspired from Game of Thrones can be used as Outdoor Lights on Christmas nights.

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10. House Targaryen Cocktail


This cocktail is badass and really tasty! The color represent the brave and winning House Targaryen of Game of Thrones.

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11. Lannister and Stark Cushions


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12.  Frey Pie


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13. Hodor Christmas Ornament



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14. Lannister Old Bear’s hot spiced wine


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15. Game of Thrones Ornament set


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16. Mulled Wine


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17. Game of Thrones Christmas tree


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18. Ship Cup Cakes


This is so so magnificent! I just absolutely love these cupcakes. This really depicts the coming times of Game of Thrones season 7!.

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19. Game of Thrones Table Decor


This Game of Thrones inspired table decoration is a real beauty! Elegant and brings the essence of the medieval times.

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20. Game of Thrones House Banners


I’am really inspired by this creation. This banner shows all the major houses of Game of Thrones, I must say a perfect representation!

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